Paper Mill Roastery and Cafe is located in Tallinn, in the building of the former Pulp and Paper Factory fire station, completed in 1912, at Masina 20.

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Our beliefs

We believe in sustainability and we think green.
For us coffee is not just commodity. We source some of the best coffee beans in the world, and we truly mean THE BEST!

For us it's important that the supply chain is transparent.

We only use suppliers who are working closely with farmers, helping them to earn dignified income and invest to continue producing quality into the future.
Coffee tastes better when you know where it comes from!

Why we roast light

The final coffee flavour depend on lot of factors. Country, region, variety, weather, altitude etc.

Roasting light is the only way the coffee can shine. Chocolate, blueberry, cherry, lemon or hazelnut? These are just some of the tasting notes you can find in coffee. Come with us and we take you to a journey of unique flavours around the world.

We carefully roast our selected beans with Probat roaster.

Why our coffee bags are 100% plastic?

You want to be environmentally friendly and love good coffee? Just finished super fruity Kenyan and disposing your coffee bag in the right recycling bin ?

Coffee bag itself looking cool and trendy, made from kraft paper, foil lining inside and plastic zip. Everything looks correct, but is it really? You can recycle packaging that's made from using only one material throughout.

Paper Mill's mission is to see the bigger picture, to be ahead of times at the best possible way and use environmental practises that actually work.

We can happily say that our packaging is CO2 compensated. You can throw our bags recycling bin with the easy heart knowing that it will be recycled to a new life. The bags are made out of PE & PET plastic and are categorised under Number 7/Other 7.

Many of our HoReCa partners in Tallinn getting their delivered in reusable tins specially designed for coffee. So they don't create any packaging waste at all.